The Lilypad Agency


About The Lilypad Agency

The Lilypad Agency is unique.

we are a team of some of the world’s most celebrated photojournalists, with more than a century of experience, hundreds of awards and thousands of publications to our credit. When a job needs to be done right, it is not only the world’s most respected editors who seek us out, but also some of the world’s most discerning brides.

We appreciate that a wedding is not just a business transaction, but that it is a story, unique to every person and every life; we appreciate that there is only one chance to tell that story, and that there is only one chance to do it beautifully.

We treat those stories as we would expect for our own; we treat every special day with passion, discretion, and with the respect it deserves, be it for the couple that appreciates the finer things in life, or just those lucky few who know that the magic need not last only one day.